Feb 1, 2022
by CJ

Chan Meditation Center hosted online a special chanting ceremony and Dharma talk in celebration of Chinese New Year. Before the ceremony, Ven. Chang Hwa, Director of CMC, greeted the audience with wishes for a happy and healthy new year and explained the significance of the chanting ceremony. more >

May 2, 2021
by CJ

During normal, pre-pandemic times, the Buddha's Birthday (also known as Vesak) is a joyous and festive occasion at the Chan Meditation Center (CMC) more >

May 18, 2021
by CMC

Donation and Delivery Status more >

February 1-7, 2020
by Chen Xi Shou

In memory of our late Master Sheng Yen, the Chan Meditation Center in New York held a 7-Day Passing on the Lamp Chan Retreat from February 1 through more >

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July 15, 2019
by Ying

I initially chose to attend this retreat for reciting the Buddha’s name because it was held during the summer and was the first Amitabha Recitation retreat held at more >

July 8, 2019
by Cheng Xi Shou

Chan Meditation Center hosted a 7-Day Amitabha Chanting Retreat at Dharma Drum Retreat Center in Pine Bush, New York from June 30 - July 7, more >

February 14, 2019
by Beth Adelman

When I first went to a retreat at the Dharma Drum Retreat Center, I wanted to learn how to improve my practice of meditation. I didn’t understand that meditating without studying Dharma would never get me on the path I wanted to be more >

February 13, 2019
by Chang Jie

In celebration of the 2019 Lunar New Year, Year of the Pig, Chan Meditation Center held the Medicine Buddha chanting service from February 5 through 9 and a celebration on February 10. Over 400 people participated in these more >

February 4, 2019
by Chang Jie

Around 40 people, new and longtime practitioners, participated in this week-long retreat to revive this beginner's mind and vow we all have cultivated deep in the heart toward the great realization, to pay our deepest respect and appreciation to Shifu's more >

Janurary 1, 2019
by Leonardo Lopez

I am very grateful to have been accepted to the end of year Seven Days Amitabha Buddha’s Name Recitation Chan Retreat. It was my first recitation retreat also the first one I can get to go home at the end of each more >

September 18, 2018
by Amanda Yeung

It is the second year for DDMBA/Chan Meditation Center to be invited to participate in this event more >

Sep 16, 2018
by Wenshu Xie

What is the best possible way to spend my Labor Day weekend? more >

August 5, 2018
by Andrew Shen

While the terms "meditation" and "mindfulness" often evoke esoteric concepts of spirituality, they are in fact represen-tative of a more insightful lifestyle that we can all more >

July 28, 2018

On July 28th, Chan Meditation Center's DDYP held its first Outdoor Chan Meditation Event at more >

May 20, 2018
by Ian Urquhart

I had no preconceptions entering into this experience. I have attended many retreats at more >

April 21, 2018
by Hang Yeung

According to the national survey of America, it is found that 18.5% of adults (18 or older) experiences one kind of mental illness in a more >

December 11, 2017
by DDYP Team

There was a common myth that human being could not get enough energy from being a vegetarian/ more >

November 4, 2017
by Michelle Jia

There was a common myth that human being could not get enough energy from being a vegetarian/ more >

August 15, 2017
by Yingshyan Ku

Dharma Drum Mountain’s Family Camp is an enjoyable way for children to be introduced to buddhism and the notion of being more >

February 9, 2017
by Wen-chiao Peng

Passing the lamp means passing the wisdom and dharma to next in Chinese Chan more >