-Contemporary Art and Zen II
  • Contemporary Art and Zen II
  • March 10     Sunday   2:00PM - 4:00PM (EST.)     at CMCLed by Lu Gao
  • To experience existence “I hope to evoke a sense of strangeness in a familiar environment, similar to the feeling of having just relocated to a new place. There is a sense of awareness of both oneself and the environment, but this feeling fades with becoming habituated, I wish to maintain this sense of strangeness in my practice.” In this workshop, the artist will share her practice in Zen Buddhism and art. Audiences will be invited to use creative approaches pulling the outward attention back to themselves, to reevaluate our existence in modernity’s urban landscape. How do we exist? How do we see? Further on, we will reflect on how we exist together. Individualism continues to atomize the human experience, giving the illusion that we can exist on our own, resulting in feelings of isolation. The investigation will be led by the following questions: How do we become who we are today? How to understand the suffering and wishes of others?

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    * 高銘璐 Lu Gao (China) is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in New York. Her work is based on the notion of deconstructing the representation through in-depth observation. Media include photography, painting, poetry, and installation. She received her undergraduate degree in Architecture from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2020, currently studying MFA in Photography at Parsons The New School.

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