-Art of Movement
  • Art of Movement
  • September 24     Sunday   2:00PM - 4:30PM (EST.)     at CMCLed by Joseph Marx
  • Tai Chi: A Journey from Stillness to Motion

    Discover the art of Tai Chi, an ancient practice that weaves together tranquil meditation and graceful motion. In this practice, the mind and body are unified in movement. Awareness. Rootedness. Balance. Breath. Every element connects, every action flows.

    Join us for a special workshop that explores Tai Chi as the Art of Movement. Starting from the quiet stillness of sitting, we’ll progress through the rootedness of standing, the mindfulness of walking, and then culminate in a short series of movements that embody the essence of Tai Chi. Find the moment. Relax. Breathe. Let go.

    No previous experience with Tai Chi or meditation is required. All fitness levels are welcome.

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    Teacher: Joseph Marx
    Joseph is a Buddhist practitioner and martial artist. He learned Taichi (Yang style, 42-step) and moving meditation from Sifu David Ngo at the Chan Meditation Center. Taichi serves as the foundation of his meditational and martial practices. He’s also trained in boxing and he’s a National Champion in Eskrima (AKA Arnis or Kali).

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